5 Summer Styles

Summer is here and its time to spend your holiday time sun bathing on the beaches of Cape Town, sipping cocktails at sunset and party nights with all the foreigners.

Your last worry should be “what to do with your hair”, so we at SavasHair are going to show you 5 hairstyles that you can take from a beach bum daytime fun to glamorous night time shine.

1) The hair bun

Tight or messy, this hairstyle works well for windswept hair or “been in the beach sun for few days so it’s a bit too dry”. Tie your hair in a tight up-do bun or a loose messy bun.  Use hair accessories to make create a boho-sheek or glamour look.

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2) Beach waved

Make waves from the beach to the club. Spending your day on the beach and in the sun makes for a natural wave. The seawater will give your hair a nice texture to work with, let it have loose and have fun.

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3) Slicked down, side swept

For this sophisticated glamorous look, all you need a bit of balance. Make a tight ponytail, and let your sun kissed hair fall over your one shoulder. Braid to change it up.

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4) Rockstar side path

Create a deep parting and throw your hair over. Throw your hands through your hair for volume and a rough look.

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5) Short and sparky

If you have short hair, use a bit of wax to go from beach to the bar. Short hair is fun and easy.

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